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As much as I love the holiday season, just the other day I couldn’t help
but think about the upcoming New Year and all the reasons for celebration.
In January I always write the year’s birthdays and anniversaries on my new
calendar. Of course, I also start thinking about enjoying Valentine’s Day
with that special someone in my life.

NEW ITEM! The Champagne Red Mug with Dots holds 8oz of your favorite hot
beverage, thoughtfully shaped to be comfortable in your hand. Each mug is
made of stoneware with a bright glossy finish and is conveniently
dishwasher safe. Enjoy at home from Valentine’s Day through the Holidays,
during a quiet morning on your own or part of a get together with your
closest friends. Give a pair, give a set, or fill one with sweets for the
perfect gift.
Posted: 12/22/2011 12:13:48 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

NEW ITEM! Enjoy the charming and practical Zinc Shopping List. This
unusual item offers freedom from papers and technology while adding a
relaxed, rustic elegance to your kitchen or pantry. Flip each tag as you
discover a need to replenish your staples or simply enjoy the comments as
guests gravitate to it and can’t resist flipping the tags themselves.

NEW ITEM! La Rochere’s “Symbolic Lion Head” glassware is another stunning
example of craftsmanship from France’s oldest glass factory. This clear,
heavy-duty glassware with a 10oz capacity is dishwasher safe and adorned
with the Lion Head, a traditional symbol of industriousness.
Posted: 12/22/2011 12:05:34 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

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