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Product Goldfish Glassware

Some say it’s the big picture that matters. Some say it’s the little things that count. I think there is truth in both perspectives. Living in the here and now, it’s the little things in each moment that give life pleasure and remind me of the deeper meaning that threads it’s way through the days and years of my life. Taking a bite of fresh baked and buttered bread, then struggling to chew while laughing at a loved one’s sudden funny comment - that’s little. The place they occupy in my heart - that’s big. I invite you to enjoy La Rochere’s Bee Butter Dish and allow it to be a reminder of life’s pleasures. The blessing of butter on the tabletop at a meal is a little thing and yet enjoying a meal in the company of friends and family is a very big thing indeed. The Bee Butter Dish is a dazzling glass piece, beautifully accented with the Napoleonic-era bee. Dishwasher safe.
Posted: 1/25/2015 1:36:27 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

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