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Product Rosanna

It’s summer and that means…it’s time to sort through our storage unit. I know perfectly well that many of the “important” items I have tucked away are not worth keeping. And there is no wind, rain or snow to give me an excuse to avoid the project. First, I will restack the boxes of practical and sentimental items that are worthwhile. Then I will make a trip…or  two…or three to drop off other items at the thrift store. Lastly, I will resolve to resist saving stray “stuff.” Instead I will reward myself with“treasures.”
Check out the pair of Fleur De Lis Bookends that we offer. They are sturdy enough to be effective holding books and are even heavy enough to be used as doorstops. In addition to being practical, they are decorative, bold, and simple: a perfect treasure.

Posted: 7/26/2011 10:55:00 AM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

Yesterday I went for an evening walk with my son. We stopped at the two-room schoolhouse to play on the playground. I had forgotten that there were swings. At one point my son and I were swinging in sync. We swung forward, leaning back with legs stretched straight out in front. We swung back, leaning forward with legs bent at the knees. Forward and back, forward and back. We just stared at each other in wonder and grinned. What fun! Just like our 8” diameter, mustard yellow gnome plates. One gnome is actually swinging! Another is playing an accordion. One is happily pushing a wheel barrow. Another is enjoying some candy. Each design is available in a set of six. Invite whimsy into your home and enjoy!
Posted: 7/1/2011 12:44:59 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

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