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It’s been windy here the last few days – beautiful and warm but windy.
It’s given me a chance to take a break from outside activities and relax
indoors. Actually, I will admit that I have also made the most of this
opportunity to do a little redecorating. I just can’t help myself!

Click on the Décor and Furnishings tab above to check out our selection of
entomology plaques. These oval plaques are hand cast with a distressed
patina as elegant as any prized antique. Three enchanting images,
butterfly, bumble bee and dragon fly, are available in your choice of
black or white. Sets are also available and include one of each image.
Posted: 5/29/2012 3:51:40 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

It’s only May but outside it looks like blue skies and summer heat! And
that’s ok by me. I enjoy this time of year. Winter snow and storms already
seem like a distant memory, the grass has greened and been mowed, the
garden has already produced an abundance of rhubarb, and our home’s
windows are FINALLY open!

This is also when I feel a surge of energy from the extra daylight and
warmth. I start getting more done inside: reorganizing, refreshing,
changing things up. Have you see our Fleur De Lys glassware by La Rochere?
As the oldest glass factory in France, La Rochere is renowned for their
glassware. We carry their Fleur De Lye line, including wine glasses, tall
glasses, tumblers, decanters, dinner plates, and dessert plates. Available
in a watery blue, fresh green, pretty pink, or crisp clear, these pieces
will be a breath of fresh air for your kitchen and tabletop.
Posted: 5/20/2012 7:00:37 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

Have you seen our French Bath Soaps by Provence? Each large bar lathers
readily and contains 5% skin softening shea butter. Available in one of
four luxuriously distinct but not overpowering scents, Sage, Verbena,
Green Tea, or Lavender, these soaps are as perfect for everyday use as
they are for gift giving. My personal favorite is the lavender bar –
lavender buds embedded throughout provide light exfoliation and the
relaxing scent brings to mind the beautiful rows of lavender in local

Posted: 5/4/2012 2:28:33 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

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