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I have fallen in love with the Wendy Addison Glitter Collection!  I just finished decorating a friend’s tree with Eiffel Tower and Chandelier Ornaments.  WOW!!  These ornaments really sparkle! They look great on my friend’s tree.  Check out our holiday collection for these ornaments.

Posted: 11/28/2008 4:04:44 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

Check out our great selection of Rosanna Dinnerware!!

Darjeeling Dessert Plates & Mugs      
Parisian Wallpaper Plates & Mugs
Secret Garden Teapot and Teacups
Posted: 11/19/2008 3:01:38 PM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

-Enticing scents for the kitchen-
The holidays are coming...So lets get cooking!

Signifying ''kitchen'' in Italian, Cucina literally fills your kitchen with the delectable scent of fresh cut aromatic herbs! Rather than merely masking cooking odors’, the fragrant bouquets of Coriander and Olive Tree, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, Fig and Fresh Herbs, Zucchini Flower and Truffle, Lime Zest and Cypress and Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel blend with the aromas of your favorite dishes that whet the appetite. What's more, Cucina's unique and highly distinctive containers, evocative of those you'd seen on a gourmet grocer's shelves, will lend a refined look to any décor. Check out our line of cucina products.
Posted: 11/5/2008 10:33:26 AM by Heidi Flick | with 0 comments

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