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Cucina Repairing Action Hand Cream 8.8 fl oz

Cucina Olive Tree & Coriander Repairing Action Hand Cream 8.8 fl oz

Cucina Repair Hand Cream, Olive Tree & Coriander.
Soothing and delightfully fragrant hand care for the cook. Specially formulated to purify and protect the skin from the rigors of frequent hand washing, this skin care product is made of the finest and most natural ingredients.  Stoneware jars resembling traditional mustard containers make this the kitchen hand cream of choice by professional chefs.The 8-3/4-ounce hand repairing cream is a lovely gift for yourself and a fellow chef. Made in Canada.

Soothing Hand Care for the Cook
Enjoy some tender loving care with this delightfully fragrant collection of decorative products derived from a sun-drenched land where the olive tree and aromatic plants flourish! Made with pure olive oil to deep clean and protect the skin from dehydration, the Cucina collection of fine hand care products also contains olive tree extract, known to help repair minor burns and cuts, as well as sage and rosemary essential oils, selected for their antibacterial and toning powers.
Enticing scents for the kitchen
Signifying ''kitchen'' in Italian, Cucina literally fills your kitchen with the delectable scent of fresh cut aromatic herbs! Rather than merely masking cooking odors’, the fragrant bouquets of Coriander and Olive Tree, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, Fig and Fresh Herbs, Zucchini Flower and Truffle, Lime Zest and Cypress and Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel blend with the aromas of your favorite dishes that whet the appetite. What's more, Cucina's unique and highly distinctive containers, evocative of those you'd seen on a gourmet grocer's shelves, will lend a refined look to any d├ęcor.
$ 25.99
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